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Forming Futura


An experimental video using hand-cut type placed in the real world, adding additional significance to an inspirational phrase. This short piece was produced by Daniel Daigle, Saadi Alkouatli and myself over the course of two days in between classes. The first day was spent cutting the type over short breaks, which left only a single day to set up, shoot, color correct and edit the entire video. We finished class at 4pm in late Autumn, leaving only a few precious hours of sunlight left to frame our shots. Admittedly, the final shot is a poor climax in comparison to the rest of the piece. However, a few ideas have been bouncing around about what would make for a perfect finale to this project. We are open to ideas, so if you’ve got a winner, let us know by email at hello@michaellaydenstevenson.com!


Branding, Interactive, Motion, User Experience

Hunter and Gather



Branding, Interactive, Motion

The Spins


Sizzle Reel

Branding, Experimental, Motion


Branding, Experimental, Interactive, Motion


Branding, Motion

Forming Futura

Experimental, Motion

Self Portrait

Branding, Experimental
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