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The next generation of technology is upon us. Intelligent glasses that deliver a world information directly to our field of vision, accelerometers that track our workout progress and wristbands that keep us informed of our sleeping patterns – these are just signs of things to come, but what about the future of socializing? SocialEyes examines the problems associated with meeting new people in a digital age, and proposes a futuristic solution that allows users to interact with existing friends and meet new ones in an engaging and meaningful way.


My fourth and final VFS Digital Design SLAM proved to be the most enticing yet, and I was happy to make time apart from working on my graduate project to participate. In a VFS SLAM, Students across 3 classes are divided into small teams and given 48 hours to execute a brief to the best of their ability. The title of this particular SLAM brief was ‘Futurism’, an open-ended project challenging students to create a new product of the future based on current design and tech trends. I was placed on a team consisting of 7 gifted students, and we immediately engaged in a rapid-fire brainstorming session that generated some interesting ideas. We examined potential applications of new technologies in sports, as well as a design solution for the growing problem of people being unable to find adequate time to spend with their significant others. Eventually, however, these ideas were left behind as we found a much bigger opportunity designing for the future of socializing.




Branding, Interactive, Motion, User Experience

Hunter and Gather



Branding, Interactive, Motion

The Spins


Sizzle Reel

Branding, Experimental, Motion


Branding, Experimental, Interactive, Motion


Branding, Motion

Forming Futura

Experimental, Motion

Self Portrait

Branding, Experimental
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