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Washed Out Blew My Expectations Out Of The Water


Washed Out at Fortune Sound Club this past Tuesday (September 3rd, 2013) was truly something to behold. I went into this concert with high expectations after listening extensively to the band’s new album “Paracosm” and enjoying it just as much as their debut “Within and Without”. I knew as soon as I entered the venue that we were all in for a real treat. The stage was tastefully decorated, with a backdrop of flowers emulating the new album’s cover art, and strings of tiny lights reminiscent of Patrick Watson‘s live show aesthetic. The lights even extended back over the crowd and around Fortune’s signature disco ball. The atmosphere was perfect for the show we were about to experience.

Sorry to say, I missed the majority of opening act HAERTS‘ performance, but the little I did catch at the end successfully amped up the crowd for the main act. From the moment lead singer Ernest Greene took the stage and the first crashing beat of “It All Feels Right” swept across the crowd, the crowd became a sea of swaying, bouncing hopeless romantics. In fact, many a couple could be seen expressing their affection throughout the set, but in most cases this was 100% endearing and 0% distracting/annoying. Suffice it to say, Washed Out held my attention throughout the entirety of the show. It was even more energetic than I had anticipated, more-so than the albums themselves, with even the slowest songs having a pounding, ethereal quality that kept ear-to-ear grins on the faces of almost everyone in attendance. There really was no low point to be seen or heard, thanks in part of course to Fortune’s excellent sound system.

In terms of the crowd, my experiences were all positive, with people being happy, outgoing and considerate of others’ personal space and overall experience. Water was shared, better spots were given up to shorter concert-goers, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The band must have noticed, because they repeatedly engaged the audience and kept up the same high level of energy even into the 3-song encore. Several people stuck around after the show to form a good old-fashioned dance circle to a stock playlist, and people smoking outside who were planning on leaving were easily convinced to come back in and join in the party. Unexpectedly, Ernest and the other band members were more than happy to take breaks from packing up and hop down into the crowd, signing albums, taking pictures and generally getting along in pleasant conversation with fans. This is unfortunately not as commonplace as it should be at live shows these days, and was really nice to see. It also lends itself well to the band’s sound and overall vibe.

Come back soon, Washed Out.

I give this live performance 5 Public Displays of Affection out of 5.

Check out some pictures and links below. I highly encourage you to check out some music if you haven’t already.

Some of these pictures were taken with my iPhone and shamelessly altered with Instagram. Others are courtesy of Eventura Photo. You can check out the full gallery of his photos from this event here.


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Washed Out Official Website

Washed Out Soundcloud

HAERTS Official Website

HAERTS Soundcloud

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